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FIFA 18 Weekend League and Champions


FIFA 18 Weekend League and Champions

Weekend League is one of the many options to play FIFA 18. FIFA 18 has immense variety with more than 700 playable teams and over 30 leagues providing you plenty of choice when picking a game option or a team in FIFA 18.

If you love playing a lot of FIFA games, Weekend League is surely your cup of tea. You may spend 12 hours or more in a weekend and play 40 competitive games of FIFA Ultimate Team.

In FIFA 18, the FUT Champions Weekend League is back with a bang and with a lot of features. It is just awesome like its predecessor in earlier FIFA version. The Weekend League game mode was a phenomenal success in the last season
The in-game competition of Weekend League makes it possible for every gamer to build his ultimate team with talent. However, the long hours of play and numerous games are too much for some gamers. It offers various play to win opportunities.

The schedule, structure, and prizes of the mode appears to be similar to that of the last season. It is well expected that FUT Champions' Weekend League will remain the primary qualifier to the various competitive FIFA events of the season.

EA has also provided the option of the Champions Channel to watch the full match replay of the top game players of the world competing in the weekend league. You can also control the playback and cameras through matches of your favorite players to learn how they play. This would help you to raise your game in the Weekend League and win rewards. When you choose a new club or opponent; you'll probably feel a change in the defensive and attacking methods.

In FIFA 18, you would have various ways to play and earn rewards, which would help you in building your dream squad and enjoying a talented FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. The dynamic weekly objectives in the game provide a number of ways to earn great rewards in FUT 18 for all the FIFA lovers.

The harder the challenge you are ready to face; the better the reward you'll get, from squad management goal to the dynamic in-match challenge in the FIFA 18. Thus, you can earn a number of FUT Champions Weekend League Rewards for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

The FIFA lovers who achieved the reward of Gold 3 or above, would automatically get qualified for the following Weekend League. You can reasonably expect the rewards to be similar like gold, silver, and bronze. You can get a lot of FIFA 18 Weekend League Rewards by playing better games and winning good games against the opponents.

You may plan well in advance and build the best teams so that you are ready to compete and win the best weekend league FUT Champions Rewards for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. The FIFA 18 Weekend League would be available for the FIFA gamers that have qualified in a daily knockout tournament.

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